Special Liveries

Special liveries spotted @ EBBR

This is what makes planespotting worth doing it.


Brussels Airlines OO-SNF "Amare"

Brussels Airlines

Airbus A320-214


The 6th Belgian Icon in the Brussels Airlines fleet was created to commemorate the 450th anniversary of the death of painter Bruegel.   

Pieter Bruegel the Elder was the most significant artist of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting, a painter and printmaker from Brabant, known for his landscapes and peasant scenes. 

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Picture taken on May 4th 2019 @ Brussels Airport


Brussels Airlines OO-SNF "Amare"

Brussels Airlines

Airbus A320-214


And here she is, the 5th Brussels Airlines' icon. The "Aerosmurf" is a bird filled with the famous Smurfs. The litlle blue guys (and girl) are celebrating their 60th anniversary!

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Picture taken on March 25th 2018 @ Brussels Airport


Brussels Airlines OO-SNF "Amare"
TUI Belgium "Family Life"

Brussels Airlines

Airbus A320-214


Meet "Amare", Brussels Airlines' 4th icone. This very special livery promotes "Tomorrowland", a mega dance music festival in Boom. (Between Brussels and Antwerp).

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Picture taken on June 21st 2017 @ Brussels Airport

TUI Belgium

Boeing B737-800


This bird received it’s special livery in February 2016. Before that it was flying under the “Jetair Fly” colors.  This livery was made to promote the Family Life-hotels owned by the TUI group. Meanwhile “Jetair Fly” became TUI Belgium. 

Picture taken on March 25th 2017 @ Brussels Airport


Brussels Airlines "Magritte"
Brussels Airlines "Trident"

Brussels Airlines

Airbus A320-214


We fly you to the home of Magritte. Brussels Airlines makes a tribute to one of Belgium's most famous painters René Magritte. Who doesn't know the famous painting with a pipe called "Ceçi n'est pas une pipe"?

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Picture taken on May 5th 2016 @ Brussels Airport

Brussels Airlines

Airbus A320-214


We fly you to the home of the Belgian Red Devils. Brussels Airlines being one of the main sponsors and, obviously, the official provider of transport for our national soccer team, made this very nice livery with the help of the players. If you have a closer look you will probably recognise some players in the pictures on both sides of the plane.

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Picture taken on April 10th 2016 @ Brussels Airport


Brussels Airlines "Rakham"
Icelandair "Hekla Aurora"
ANA "R2-D2"

Brussels Airlines

Airbus A320-214

OO-SNB "Rackham"

We fly you to the home of Tintin. Brussels Airlines made a very nice tribute to one of our most famous comic books heros: "Tintin". And if he's famous? Even Steven Spielberg made a movie of one of his adventures. In this scene Tintin is traveling in a submarine called "Rackham" (Looks like a shark and was build bij Prof. Calculus).

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Picture taken on May 14th 2015 @ Brussels Airport


Boeing 757-256

TF-FIU "Hekla Aurora"

Hekla Aurora provides an authentic Aurora Borealis experience to all those who fly on her. The on-board light show provides the perfect beginning to any transatlantic flight by showcasing the natural beauty of Iceland’s famous northern lights.”

Picture taken on May 10th 2015 @ Brussels Airport

ANA Airlines

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

JA873A "R2-D2"

In 2015 Japan's ANA Airlines announced a partnership with "Star Wars" and Lucas film, for which the flyer would be unveiling a series of movie-themed planes. In December ANA sent it first "Star Wars" aircraft, an R2-D2 carrier, toward Brussels. The idea was to promote the release of the latest and 7th Star Wars movie "The force awakens"

Picture taken on May 10th 2015 @ Brussels Airport


DHL " Hao Hao & Xing Hui"
Brussels Airlines "Red Devil"


Boeing 767-3JHF

G-DHLG "VIP Very Important Panda"

February 2014, Hao Hao and Xing Hui, two Chinese Pandas arriving at Brussels Airport from where they will be tranfered to their new home Pairi Daiza Park. 

Picture taken on February 23th 2014 @ Brussels Airport

Brussels Airlines


OO-SFO " Belgian Red Devils"

Belgian National Soccer team is departing from runway 25R towards Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to defend our country at the 2014 FIFA World football cup.

Picture taken on February 23th 2014 @ Brussels Airport


Finnair "Marimekko"
Etihad "Manchester City FC"



OH-LQD " Marimekko Poppy Livery"

Finnish design company Marimekko's classic floral print appears on the livery of this Finnair's A340 as part of a collaboration that also includes a range of textiles and tableware for use onboard.

Picture taken on June 6th 2013 @ Brussels Airport

Etihad Airways


A6-EYE "Manchester City FC"

Being the main sponsor of English Premier league football club Manchester City, Etihad provides transportation for all matches abroad for European competitions.

Picture taken on March 25th 2013 @ Brussels Airport