The Boeing 747

is the first wide-body commercial airliner and cargo transport aircraft ever build. When it was developed in the 1960’s, the “Jumbo Jet” was two and a half times larger than the Boeing 707, one of the common large commercial aircraft at that time.

First flown commercially in 1970, the 747 held the passenger capacity record for 37 years.

The four-engine 747 uses a double deck configuration for a part of its length.It is available in passenger, freighter and other versions.

Boeing designed the 747's hump-like upper deck to serve as a first class lounge or (as is the general rule today) extra seating, and to allow the aircraft to be easily converted to a cargo carrier by removing seats and installing a front cargo door.

The 747 was expected to become obsolete after 400 were sold, but it exceeded its critics' expectations with production passing the 1,000 mark in 1993.

By September 2012, 1,448 aircraft had been built, with 81 of the brand new variant 747-8 remaining on order.

The 747-400, the most common passenger version in service, is among the fastest airliners in service with a high-subsonic cruise speed of Mach 0.85–0.855 (up to 570 mph, 920 km/h). It has an intercontinental range of 7,260 nautical miles (8,350 mi or 13,450 km).

The 747-400 passenger version can accommodate 416 passengers in a typical three-class layout, 524 passengers in a typical two-class layout, or 660 passengers in a high density one-class configuration.

The newest version of the aircraft, the 747-8, is in production and received certification in 2011. Deliveries of the 747-8F freighter version to launch customer Cargolux began in October 2011. Deliveries of the 747-8I passenger version to Lufthansa began in May 2012.

The 747 is to be replaced by the Boeing Y3 (part of the Boeing Yellowstone Project) in the future.

On Sunday May 25th 2008 a 747-209F Cargo freighter operated by KALITTA AIR crashed when it overrun runway 20 during takeoff.

The 747-F broke into 3 pieces.

Fortunately it came to a stop just in time before a railway track. Nobody got injured.

Registration N704CK (S/N 22299/462) was replaced by S/N 23391/654 with the same registration. 

Boeing 747-400 VS Airbus A380-800


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Wide-body, long-range jet airliner

United States

Boeing Commercial Airplanes

February 1969

January 1970 with Pan Am

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Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter

1,458 (Until December 2012)

US$ 352.000.000