The Eurofighter Typhoon



is a twin-engine, canard-delta wing, multirole fighter. The Typhoon was designed by a consortium of three companies, EADS, Alenia Aeronautica and BAE Systems, working through a holding company, Eurofighter GmbH, which was formed in 1986.


It was initially introduced into service in 2003.

The project is managed by the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency, which acts as the prime customer.


Eurofighter Typhoon is being produced serially by the EADS, Alenia Aeronautica, and BAE Systems consortium. The aircraft is being procured under separate contracts, named tranches, each for aircraft with generally improved capabilities.


The Typhoon has entered service with the Austrian Air Force, the Italian Air Force, the German Air Force, the British Royal Air Force, the Spanish Air Force, and the Royal Saudi Air Force.






First flight






Primary users







Number built

Multirole fighter


Eurofighter GmbH


March 1994[1]


August 2003


In service


Royal Air Force

German Air Force (Luftwaffe)

Italian Air Force

Spanish Air Force




340+ as of November 2012, 471 ordered (as of January 2009)


The Typhoon Direct Voice Input (DVI) system utilizes a speech recognition module (SRM), developed by Smiths Aerospace (now GE Aviation Systems) and Computing Devices (now General Dynamics UK). It was the first production DVI system utilized in a military cockpit.


DVI provides the pilot with an additional natural mode of command and control over approximately 26 non-critical cockpit functions, to reduce pilot workload, improve aircraft safety, and expand mission capabilities.


An important step in the development of the DVI occurred in 1987 when Texas Instruments completed the TMS-320-C30, a digital signal processor, enabling reductions in the size and system complexity required.


General characteristics



Crew: 1 (operational aircraft) or 2 (training aircraft)


Length: 15.96 m (52.4 ft)


Wingspan: 10.95 m (35.9 ft)


Height: 5.28 m (17.3 ft)


Wing area: 51.2 m²[247] (551 sq ft)


Empty weight: 11,150 kg (24,600 lb)


Loaded weight: 16,000 kg[247][248] (35,000 lb)


Max. takeoff weight: 23,500 kg (52,000 lb)


Powerplant: 2 × Eurojet EJ200 afterburning turbofan Dry thrust: 60 kN (13,000 lbf) each


Thrust with afterburner: 89 kN (20,000 lbf) each


Fuel capacity: 4,500 kg (9,900 lb) internal


Maximum speed:


At altitude: Mach 2 (2,124 km/h/1,320 mph)


At sea level: Mach 1.2[246] (1,470 km/h/910 mph)


Range: 2,900 km (1,800 mi)