Spotting 2017


Spotting @ EBBR Brussels Airport 2017

Catch of the day:


Qatar Airways - Airbus A350-941 - A7-ALP - landing on Rnw 25L on June 23th 2017 at 14:35

Friday June 23th - Brand new Qatar Airbus A350-941 arriving on Runway 25L

Qatar brand new Airbus A350

Wednesday June 21st - 3 Brussels Airlines icones on one morning...

Sunday May 25th - Among others, Emanuel Macron, the new French president,

is visiting Brussels for the official opening of the new NATO Headquarters.


Sunday May 21st - Swiss International Air Lines Airbus A340 landing on Runway 25 left


Saturday May 6th - Nothing special to catch - The arrivals are @ runway 07R



Sunday April 9nd 2017 - Air Canada B787-8 Dreamliner arrived, it wasn't the new livery....



Sunday April 2nd 2017 - Air Canada B787-9 Dreamliner was anounced, was it an April's fool?



Sunday March 12th 2017 - Adding OO-SSS to the Brussels Airlines A319 collection



Saturday february 25nd 2017 - Amare was landing on 25R



Saturday January 21st 2017